3 Lake Nona AC Myths


Do you turn off your AC when you leave the house? Do you ever find yourself running fans on in your home to help decrease your AC expenses? Have you ever declined getting routine AC checkups from your local AC repair techs? Then you may need to read this! Here are 3 Lake Nona AC Myths that you didn’t even know where myths.

At 4 Seasons we are always here to debunk false claims about your AC to help educate our customers.

  1. It’s a Waste of Time to Get Your AC Unit Checked and Serviced

This is simply not true. The first step to making sure your AC unit doesn’t break or cost you a lot of money on electricity due to inefficiency is to make sure you get your unit routinely checked.

That’s right, having your unit get checked at least twice a year could decrease the overall cost of repairs. If you catch something early, it will surely help save you money.

  1. The AC Won’t Run As Much If You Have A Fan On

This simply isn’t true. Your AC unit will still run whether you have a fan on or not. This won’t save you money. A fan does not cool air; it just circulates it. This is why the unit will still run whether you have a fan on or not.

  1. Turning Your AC Off Will Save You Money

Do you ever do this? Shut your AC off when you leave your home? You may think you’ll save yourself tons of money on electricity, but that’s not the case. When you come back home after leaving your AC off, you will have to switch it back on, and it’ll mean your unit will have to work harder to cool down your home.

The best trick is to keep your AC temp in the house at a reasonable temperature to not overwork and stress your unit.

We hope these 3 Lake Nona AC myths have helped you understand your AC unit and AC repair company a little more. If you need your AC repaired or checked, call us today.

Tom Roberts