4 Fun Facts About Your Orlando AC Unit


Your Orlando AC unit has a lot more to offer you than just keeping you cool in the summer. Here are four things (including before the AC was in every home!) that we think you should know about your AC unit.

Your AC Unit is Measured in “Ice”

When AC units were first built they were measured in what can only be described as “ice power.” Like cars are measured in horsepower and lights were measured in candlepower, “ice power” was essentially defined as the rate of heat-transfer that results in the melting of 1 ton of ice in 24 hours. This is why air conditioners are measured in tonnage.

Before AC we Had Fans

You don’t have to tell a Floridian that fans aren’t even close to being the same as an Orlando AC unit. Especially after hurricanes when all Floridians have is power from a generator and a small fan.

Fans began to appear in homes in the 1880s. Fans don’t actually cool air. Instead, fans move air and create a wind chill effect; this evaporates sweat from your skin, which decreases your body temperature.

Blockbuster Movies

Movie theaters were some of the first businesses to have air conditioning. People could go to the theater, watch a summer blockbuster while enjoying the cool air. This was before many households had central air conditioning, which made it much more a delight all together to see a movie.

Florida Man Invents Ice Maker

John Gorrie, a doctor from Florida, used hanging pans of ice from the ceiling to try and help treat patients with yellow fever. He later tried to patent this invention and was soon able to produce his own ice, as opposed to receiving it from businesses.

The Northern Ice Lobby (yes, there was an ice lobby!) soon put a stop to Gorrie’s invention.

If you have any questions about your Orlando Ac unit, contact your air conditioning professionals today!

Tom Roberts