5 Advantages of Replacing Both Your Indoor And Outdoor Winter Park AC Unit


When replacing the outdoor Winter Park AC unit of an air conditioner or heat pump, should the indoor unit also be replaced?

All air conditioner and heat pump outdoor units are designed to work with matched indoor units for high efficiency and performance. The result of this matched system is a top-performing team that ensures the dependability and high-efficiency today’s homes need. Air conditioner and heat pump outdoor units may “work” with indoor units rather than those they have been specifically designed to work with. However, the result is a compromise in the system’s performance. Today we are sharing the importance and the advantages of having a matching indoor and outdoor Winter Park AC unit.

Design Advances

Through the years, indoor units have undergone numerous design advances, especially in the areas of air handling performance, filtering efficiency, and operating sound levels. A new indoor Winter Park AC unit will include the latest design advances.

Higher Cooling and Heating Efficiency

The cooling and heating efficiency ratings that are advertised for an air conditioner or heat pump are based on their performance as matched systems. While changing only the outdoor unit may result in improved efficiency compared to the old system, it will not be as efficient as it was designed to be, because they’re not matching units.

Equipment Age

If an air conditioner or heat pump outdoor unit is ten years old and needs to be replaced, the indoor unit is just as old and has been subjected to the same amount of wear and tear.

New Warranty

A new unit gives you a new product warranty. Replacing the indoor unit at the same time as the outdoor unit results in peace of mind knowing the new warranty covers the entire system.

Saving Money

At first glance, replacing only an air conditioner or heat pump outdoor Winter Park AC unit may appear to be a bargain, but when you consider the lower cooling and heating efficiencies, decreased reliability and the high cost of ownership that results, it’s not such a bargain after all. Replacing an entire air conditioner or heat pump system costs more, but you get more, you receive efficiency, reliability, and comfort.

Replacing both indoor and outdoor air conditioning or heating units will provide you with the list of advantages mentioned above. In Florida, AC repair is no laughing matter. By having 4 Seasons install and maintain your system, you spend less over time and enjoy life more! Click here so we can help you with your Winter Park AC unit needs.

Tom Roberts