5 Central Florida Air Conditioning Myths Debunked


There are many things to know about your AC than most homeowners realize. Because there are many myths out there that say will help cool your home faster and save money, today we’re sharing five important truths about your Florida air conditioning systems.

Myth: Setting your thermostat lower will cool your home faster

Truth: Many people believe that setting the AC to an extremely low temperature will speed up the cooling effect but the rate of cooling will remain the same no matter the settings. Lowering the temperature will increase your Florida air conditioning energy bill. Install a programmable thermostat and set it to turn on 20 minutes before you typically arrive home from work.

Myth: Closing air vents can save energy

Truth: This myth can end up costing you more money. Your Florida air conditioning was designed to push air through the entire home and when vents are closed the pressure can build up in the ducts. When vents are closed, it will cost the unit to work harder and lead to higher energy bills and costly repairs.

Myth: Letting the AC run all day while you’re away is better than raising the temperature

Truth: When you’re not around your AC is still working to keep your home feeling fresh. Setting your thermostat to a higher temperature can dramatically save costs on your energy bill. Having a programmable thermostat can also save on your monthly bills by programming it to a higher temperature when no one is home.

Myth: Fans make the air cooler

Truth: Fans cannot lower a room’s air temperature. Fans create a cooling effect on our skin, cooling the person, not the air. Leaving the fan on while no one is in the room will waste energy. Make sure the blades of the fan are set to run counter-clockwise to push the breeze downward.

Myth: Where I place my AC unit doesn’t matter

Truth: Your unit will be more efficient depending where you put it. The best place to install your Florida air conditioning unit is in the shade or anywhere that is out of direct sunlight. When installing the thermostat in the home try to keep it away from the kitchen, or any rooms that have hot appliances around.

These five truths will help you save money on your Florida air conditioning system. We also recommend reading our recent blog about six things to expect when installing a new system.

Tom Roberts