AC DIY Tips: How to Dress Up Your Yard and Hide Your AC Unit All at Once


Here are some AC DIY tips on how you can dress up your yard and hide your AC unit all at once.

Sometimes you just want a beautiful looking house, inside and outside, and certain parts of your home you just don’t want to reveal to those passing by. Either you don’t want people to see your outside AC unit for aesthetic reasons, or you really want to win that HOA’s “Best Yard Award” and think that covering up your outside unit (the condenser) will help spruce up the place.

Put a Fence Around It

Here’s a good AC DIY tip, you can always put a rustic fence around your AC unit. You can find a nice, rustic fence to pen the unit in and hide it away, preferably a fence that fits the aesthetics of your home’s exterior.

Tall Greens

You can always put potted plants around your unit to hide it. Some nice potted plants can add to the aesthetic of your home and subtract the negative aesthetic of a condenser unit. Just be careful when adding tall greens around your unit, you don’t want any branches to come down on it and disrupt the blade.

Pallet Fence

You can easily find pallets anywhere. Easily paint a pallet to give it a new, eclectic look that can shield your condenser from view so others can enjoy this new look to your home.


Shutter away your condenser unit with this AC DIY tip. Use some old shutters, paint them as you wish (ideally a color scheme that matches your home) and voila! You have hidden away your unit and added to the aesthetic value of your yard.

So whether you want to dress up your yard to win “Best Yard Award” or you just don’t like the way your AC unit looks on the outside, dressing it up with these AC DIY tips will surely help keep that unit hidden (and it can also keep it protected from unsightly debris and build up). If you want to learn more contact us at 4 Seasons. We can help.

Tom Roberts