Baldwin Park AC Help: Is My HVAC Unit Low on Refrigerant?


Do you know how to spot if something is wrong with your AC unit’s refrigerant levels? Today we’re sharing a Baldwin Park AC checklist so you can heed the warnings.

Many times, weeks can go by before homeowners notice that their air conditioning unit is low on refrigerant. Sometimes it may be too late before you call your Baldwin Park AC help specialist to help fix it. Well, how can you tell if there is something wrong with your air conditioning unit’s refrigerant levels? We created a list that will help you understand if your unit has been low on refrigerant.

Your Vents Blow Hot Air

If you’ve noticed your air conditioning vent blowing air, warmer than usual, there is good chance that the refrigerant in your unit is leaking. A stuffy or hot home is an exceptionally uncomfortable feeling that can be unpleasant for you and your family. This hot air can also create a humid atmosphere in your home, especially in the warm Central Florida climate. This humid air can cause trouble when it dampens your walls and ceiling and in turn, can create mold.

Your Refrigerant Line Is Covered in Ice

If you suspect your air conditioning unit is running low on refrigerant, check the refrigerant line usually found along the back of the unit. If the refrigerant line is covered in ice, there is usually a low level of refrigerant. Lower levels usually mean low levels of pressure, these low levels of pressure will usually cause something called the evaporator coil to freeze.


Hissing and bubbling noises coming from the air conditioning unit are a tell-tale sign that the refrigerant is low in your unit. If there is a leak in the coils that carry the high pressurized refrigerant, the coil that the air is leaking from will make a hissing sound. This sound is comparable to the sound it would make if the coil were being deflated. A leak in your refrigerant coils is repairable by our Baldwin Park AC help team.

If you’ve noticed any of these signs in your home, call us today! Our Baldwin Park AC help team can assist with your needs.

Tom Roberts