Florida Orlando Air Conditioning Tips For The Winter


Get your home ready for the holidays with these three simple Florida Orlando air conditioning tips.

December is almost here, and that means we just might be getting a cold front! Because we live in Florida, that is a big maybe, but it’s a possibility. The temperature can be cold in the morning hot in the afternoon and back to cold at night but whenever the weather decides to grant us a cold front it’s cold!

Since we may or may not be getting cold weather in the next coming weeks, we’ve decided to tell three simple ways you can prepare your Florida Orlando air conditioning for “the winter.”

Check Filter

Start the winter season with new clean filters! By changing the filters, you will increase airflow, air quality, and remove any allergens from the air. When the filter is clogged, it is forced to work harder, producing more energy. The more energy used for your AC, the higher your energy bill will be. Checking your filter will not only increase the Florida Orlando air conditioning quality for your home, but it will also save energy costs.

Clean Outdoor Condenser

The outdoor unit of your AC is called the condenser. Maintaining the condenser as clean as possible will ensure a smooth Florida Orlando air conditioning. Since it is kept outside it can build up leaves, spider webs, and any other debris. If the outdoor condenser is not cleaned at least once a year it may cause the AC not to function properly.

Schedule Maintenance

Frequently scheduled maintenance will help avoid any abandoned Florida Orlando air conditioning components that will affect the air flow and quality.  At 4 Seasons Air, we offer preventative maintenance, replacement of A/C & heating equipment, and new duct systems. In addition to these services, we carry a variety of air cleaners and filters for your particular need.

Get your Florida Orlando air conditioning systems ready for the possibility of cold air with 4 Seasons Air. Without these three steps, you could potentially be wasting money and energy on overworked air conditioning and heating systems. Get your home cozy and ready for the holidays. Here are 6 things to expect when calling for Orlando FL HVAC services!

Tom Roberts