Heard the buzz about Internet-enabled thermostats?


What is an Internet Thermostat?

A thermostat is simply a small device that contains sensors and is used to regulate temperature. You probably have one that controls the heating or air conditioning system in your home or business.

An Internet thermostat is a programmable building thermostat capable of connecting to a network. Through an IP connection, you can remotely send instructions to an Internet thermostat to turn it on or off or change its programming- just like you are there.

How can an internet thermostat help me save money?

An Internet-controlled thermostat can both save you money and help the environment, by allowing you to control the building’s heating and air conditioning systems while you’re home or away. If you are on vacation and you realize you didn’t set the temperature to the unoccupied mode; no problem. With a PC, tablet or smart phone, you can access your internet ready thermostat and just log in to your account, adjust the temperature and you are set. Want your home to be cooled off before you arrive back home? No problem, set the temperature, day and time you want it to resume normal operation and you will come back home to a comfortable home. Want to check the outdoor temperatures or indoor humidity levels? You can do it with most of today’s offerings.


Having a party and you want to sense the temperature in the game room instead of at the thermostat? Add a portable comfort control or remote temperature sensor and you are in business.

Remember how we used to get up to switch the channel on the TV? With your smart phone and an internet thermostat, you’ll never have to leave that couch to change the thermostat again! It’s just like a remote control for your AC unit.

Do you have multiple units in your home or business? Access all of them from one location without the expense of a full blown building automation system.


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Tom Roberts