Heat Up With The Winter Garden Pool Heater!


Are you tired of tiptoeing into your freezing pool? Call 4 Seasons to set you up with a brand new Winter Garden pool heater to improve your summer pool experience.

Living in the Sunshine State, the weather can get steaming hot and humid, which triggers most Florida homeowners to buy a pool for their backyard. I know you’re probably wondering why we would even consider talking about getting a pool heater when Florida is hot enough. Well have you ever gone to a pool party even in the summer and the water is freezing? There is nothing worse than being at a fun summer pool and BBQ party with close family and friends who don’t want to hang out in the water due to its extremely low temperature.

Sometimes the feeling can be so unbearable that you won’t even want to go in your pool. A cold pool makes it hard for a pool owner to appreciate it.

It can be extremely hot out, yet the pool will still be cold. WHY? It seems to make no sense, but the reason is due to the effective rate of heat transfer from our skin. To prevent this from ruining your backyard pool experiences, a pool heater is definitely the way to go. A Winter Garden pool heater by 4 Season Air will make your pool so much more comfortable to swim in at any setting of the weather, hot summer day, or chilly winter night.

There is a wide variety of Winter Garden pool heater we have to offer and It will allow you to choose a temperature to your liking and bring greater experiences to you and your family. Call us at to set up an appointment!

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Tom Roberts