How To Get Your Longwood Air Conditioner To Blow Cooler Air


With summer coming soon, make sure you know the proper way how to get cooler air from your air conditioner.

Air conditioners work on the assumption of conversing air inside of your home with air from the outside. When the air flowing outside is hot, the colder you will have to set the thermostat to cool off the air inside. With good maintenance and upkeep, you can help make your Longwood air conditioner colder. The following are four tips to conserve your AC for cooler air.

Spray Down The Unit

About every other week, spray down the condenser unit. Because of the buildup of dust and grime, the performance of your Longwood air conditioner may not be up to par. Before you start spraying the unit, make sure to flip the breaker in order to avoid any possibility of creating a short in the system. After you have sprayed your unit down, give it a few minutes for the dampness to evaporate and then flip the switch back into the “on” position.

Change Your Filters

This is one highly effective steps way to get your air cooler. Replacing the filter monthly will reduce strain on your system. A dirty air filter leads to your Longwood air conditioner to work harder and requires more energy.

Check Your Seals

Make certain that all doors and windows are properly sealed. If you see light, there is a leak. Another way to check the inside of your home’s exterior walls with an incense stick and look for places where the smoke wavers, signaling an air leak.

Use A Fan

To help remove heat from inside your house, installing ceiling fans in every room can be beneficial. Ceiling fans work well to make the room feel three to four degrees cooler.

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Tom Roberts