Is Your Winter Park Home AC Not Blowing Cold Air? Here’s Why.


Is your Winter Park home AC not blowing cold air? There may be a number of reasons why your home AC unit is not working properly. Here are just a few.

When your home AC is not working well, you should always call a professional HVAC technician to ensure that there is nothing seriously wrong with your unit.

Issues are better prevented, then ignored; problems are better reviewed before they become larger, and your home is better off when you get a survey of your unit then if you let the problem persist.

Check Thermostat

This may seem like common sense, but before assuming the worst, it is best to check your thermostat to make sure that the heat is not accidentally on. This can be easily overlooked.

Make sure that you also have your thermostat set to “auto,” because if it’s on “on” your fan will be blowing air all the time, even when the AC unit is not on.

Check Your Condenser

To answer the question, “Is your Winter Park home AC not blowing cold air?” you should check your condenser. Your condenser is your outside unit. Sometimes debris can build up and cause issues with your unit, preventing the blade from spinning properly. It’s best to make sure that you clean the outside unit frequently.

Other Possible Problems to Check

Your unit may have low refrigerant or it could have a faulty compressor. Your thermostat may not be working, or there may be an issue with your condenser.

There are many situations that you may run into, all of which can be resolved with the help of a professional.

So is your Winter Park home ac not blowing cold air? Is there an issue with your home AC unit? Then call your HVAC professionals here at 4 Seasons.


Tom Roberts