Kissimmee Air Conditioning Service Checklist


Take care of your Kissimmee air conditioning service with this technician checklist!

Have you ever hired an AC contractor hoping they would fix your issue but you disappointed in the result given? At 4 Seasons, you won’t have to worry about that. We do our best to make your experience hassle-free. That’s why we take care of all permits, code compliance and scheduling for you.

We have created an easy contractor checklist for you to follow the next time you are in need of a Kissimmee air conditioning service repair.

Do they have a state license?

This may sound like an obvious necessity, but many times people will get their friends who are not licensed professionals to do them a favor but they end up causing more damage than actually fixing it. Ask for their state license and license number. If that is something they cannot provide, continue on the search for an experienced professional.

Make sure the license is current and if that person/company have had complaints before.

Do they have insurance?

There are countless accidents and damages when AC contractors work on units so make sure they are insured. Do they offer workman’s comp? Or any general liability? If not you can be liable for any damage to your property including injury of the technician. Request a one-page certificate of insurance so you can verify.

How long have they been in business?

Are they a fairly new company or have they been helping your community for years? We recommend an experienced full-time contractor working on your Kissimmee air conditioning service.

Are they a member of any professional organization?

We recommend your prospective contractor to be a part of at least one of the following:

  • ACCA-CF Air Conditioning Contractors Association of Central Florida.

  • FRACCA Florida Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Contractors Association.

  • ACCA Air Conditioning Contractors Association.

  • ASHRAE American Society of Heating Refrigeration and AC Contractors.

This can have a big influence on the caliber of the technician that arrives at your home.

Do you trust your contractor?

Ideally, the contractor you choose will have installed, maintained, and repaired the heating and cooling systems for many years. You should pick one that has the kind of employees you feel comfortable having in the home.

Do They provide a 24 hr service?

At 4 Seasons Air, we know that in the day or night anything can go wrong and we don’t want to leave you alone. We provide a 24hr service hotline that will be able to assist you with any Kissimmee air conditioning service repair needs.

Request References

We recommend asking for 3-5 references. Call these homeowners to find out first-hand the job the company provided and if they performed well or not. Here is a list of testimonials from past clients experience with 4 Seasons Air.

We have many years of experience with AC service calls and installs. Make sure when you are on the search for a contractor to follow this list and you will be guaranteed a quality technician for your next Kissimmee air conditioning service.

Tom Roberts