Learn The Difference Between Your Home’s Supply And Return Orlando AC Vent


You may be familiar with your home’s Orlando AC vent but do you know how it actually works? Knowing the difference is important so you will be able to understand when one of them is not properly functioning.

You are probably familiar with the supply and return vents located around your home, but do you know what they actually do? There is a network of ducts hidden behind the walls that provide a pathway for air to move around every room in your home. The job the ductwork provides would not be possible without the supply and return vents in your home. Today we’re sharing the differences between a supply AC vent and a return AC vent.

What are the differences between supply and return vents? The supply vents in your home are the covers for the openings in your wall through which air is blown out. The air goes from your heating and cooling system through the ductwork and out of the supply vents. You can distinguish which vents are your supply vents because they are the ones you can feel conditioned air being blown out of.

Return vents are also covers for the openings in your walls but the difference is that they are connected to your return ducts. The AC vent sucks the air from the rooms into the return vents through the ductwork and back to your heating and cooling system. You can distinguish the difference of a return vent by not feeling air being blown out of them.

To make sure the Orlando AC vent runs properly do not place any furniture or other objects on top or in front of the supply and return vents. Keeping the area clean will make it easier for the air flow to run smoothly through the vents. Some people think if the room is cold to close the vents, but that can cause damages to your Orlando AC vent. Closing off a vent will increase the pressure inside the ductwork and lead to the air not flowing properly, and the AC running harder and wasting energy.

At 4 Seasons we offer Mitsubishi Electric cooling & heating split zoning system. This is designed to improve the comfort level in an uncomfortable building. They don’t require ductwork and are perfect for heating and cooling older buildings. They are equipped with a filter to prevent the air flow of contaminants. They are controlled by zones and each room can now have the room temperature desired.

Supply and return vents are essential to having your home feel comfortable and to run as smoothly as possible. Having the right amount of a Orlando AC vents is important, and having the right professional install them is also important to ensure the job is being done properly. Call us today!

Tom Roberts