Ocoee AC Unit Installation: What to Expect When You Get A New AC


Are you thinking of replacing your AC unit? If you are, here is everything you need to know about an Ocoee AC unit installation, so you can make the best choice when it comes to service.

Before you decide on replacing your unit, be sure to call an AC technician to make sure that your unit needs to be replaced. A professional will know when it’s time to think about getting a new unit.

Consider Your Options

You should consider your options when replacing a unit. You have a number of options. You can replace both your indoor and outdoor AC units, or you can replace one or the other, depending on the situation. A benefit of replacing both your indoor and outdoor components is that your new installation should work seamlessly since the units will be designed for each other.

You can always purchase a ductless AC unit, or a window unit if you are trying to save money and think these options are best suited to your needs.

When considering, you should think about a unit that has the option to switch on and off at certain times of day, to ensure cost-effective efficiency.

When it’s Being Installed

Depending on what option you decided to go with, whether you decided to replace the indoor unit, the outdoor unit, both, or to get a ductless system, the installation will take some time. Most units should take about a day to replace, so long as there are no complications; as well as depending on the size of your home, the unit, and other factors.

So within a few hours, you should hopefully have a working AC unit that will keep you cold.

Gold Club Membership

After your Ocoee AC unit installation, you should consider getting our Gold Club Membership. This is a great membership offer. Our AC technicians are skilled professionals ready to help with any and all your AC needs, which is why a Gold Club Membership is so valuable.

Club members will receive year-round maintenance and checkups to ensure that their unit is running smoothly. You will also receive priority service, discount on parts and labor, the insurance that you will never be charged an overtime charge and much more. So what are you waiting for?

If you are thinking of getting an Ocoee AC unit installation be sure to contact us and schedule an appointment today.

Tom Roberts