Orlando AC Company: Is Your AC Ready For Hurricane Season?


Hurricane season is among us, and your AC should be ready! Today your Orlando AC company is sharing a few before and after tips to ensure a long lasting AC unit.

Tis the season for hurricanes but is your AC ready? Today we are sharing a few important tips we believe will protect your HVAC system from substantial damages. Always call 4 Seasons, your Orlando AC company, for an inspection before and after a storm to ensure minimal damage.

Let’s get started with a few important before storm precautions :

Turn off your air conditioning system.

I know this sounds crazy especially in Florida, but this will help protect your system if your home experiences harsh power surges. Make sure that before a severe storm you power down your air conditioning system.

Clear the area around your HVAC Unit.

Patio furniture, bikes, toys, grills, tools can cause damage to your air conditioning system during a storm. Make sure heavy outdoor objects are brought inside or secured

Purchase a generator.

A backup generator will help keep your refrigerator running while allowing you to use other appliances if you experience a power outage.  Buy a small portable AC unit and then you can keep at least one room cool.

Now that you know what to do before a hurricane hits let’s talk about what to do after:

Don’t immediately power on your air conditioning system.

A severe storm like a hurricane can cause damage to your air conditioning system, which can be worsened by turning your AC on immediately after a storm hits.

Inspect your air conditioner.

Check your air conditioning system once it is safe to go outside. Ensure that your AC is in proper working condition and there is no windblown debris on or leaning against it.

Schedule an appointment with your Orlando AC company.

Despite inspecting your air conditioner, AC experts know what to look for, and can assess the damage properly. Following a major storm, it’s best to have a 4 Seasons technician perform a maintenance check up on your system.

Despite the hurricanes Florida has endured, we should take each one seriously, and with the proper precautions. By following these tips, you can protect your HVAC system from costly damages and expensive repairs. Let 4 Seasons take care of your AC system today!

Tom Roberts