Orlando Air Filter Replacements: Are All Air Filters the Same?


It’s that time again. It’s time for your air filter to be replaced. When it comes to Orlando air filter replacements, the question arises, “Are all air filters the same?”

The simple answer is no. Not all air filters are the same.

Orlando Air Filter Replacement: The Filtration Process

Your air conditioning unit draws air from various rooms in the house through air ducts, then this air is pulled through an air filter. The air filter removes particles like lint, pollen, and dust.

Filtered air is then brought back to rooms, via this same ductwork. This process occurs whenever your AC unit is running.

More advanced filters, such as a HEPA filters, are capable of removing smaller, more minute pollutants.

Filters are rated on a MERV rating system. MERV stands for minimum efficiency reporting value. The MERV’s scale ranges from 1 to 20, 20 being the best.

Here are just a few options you can consider when purchasing a new air filter.

Reusable Filters

Reusable filters are for people who are more conscientious about the waste that they produce. These, like disposable filters, are made of polyester or fiberglass. They are also made to save money since they are reusable as well. They are designed to protect your HVAC system.

These filters traditionally have a rating between 1 and 4.

Disposable Filters

Disposable filters are the common-place filters that you probably are used to using. These are inexpensive and are made of flat fiberglass or polyester mesh. These clean your air and are primarily used to protect your HVAC system, as well.

Disposable filters traditionally have a rating between 1 to 4, as well.

HEPA Filters

A HEPA filter is a high-efficiency air filter that removes up to 99 percent of airborne contaminants from the air. The downfall of the HEPA filter is that it requires a significant amount of air force, which makes HEPA filters not convenient or workable with many HVAC systems. These filters, because of their design, and their functionality can be pricey.

HEPA filters have a MERV rating between 17 and 20.

When it comes to Orlando air filter replacements, there are many options to consider. Contact your HVAC professional if you have questions about changing your AC filter today!

Tom Roberts