Six Ways To Save Energy With Air Conditioning Orlando FL


Saving energy with your air conditioning Orlando Fl is an easy task after following these six tips

As the air gets cooler outside, there are many ways you can keep cool on the inside. Here are six ways you can save energy with air conditioning Orlando Fl.

Check the Ducts

Parts of your home, like the attic, are without air conditioning. Make sure that the air ducts in those areas are properly insulated to keep the air flowing as cool as it can be. This will ensure that you are paying for the exact use of the air conditioning Orlando Fl that is being flowed through your home.

Turn Lights Off

Lights can produce heat and having them all on will force you to lower the AC, using more energy. If you are home during the day, opening the blinds to your windows can help you bring in the natural light, and allowing you to have control of the amount of light you let in, so your air conditioning Orlando Fl is not competing with the amount of heat the light is producing.

Turn Up The AC

When no one is home, turn your AC up to 85 and make sure all windows are blinds are closed. This will keep the cool air inside and your air conditioning Orlando Fl unit won’t have to work as hard to cool the room off when you arrive home.

Lower The AC

While you’re sleeping, lower the AC so it will run less, saving energy. Some units have sleep modes that you are able to utilize because during the night you don’t require the same level of cool.

Utilize a Fan

If you are one that always likes to keep your home cool, utilizing your fan will help your AC do less work. Using them to help along with your AC will help save energy with air conditioning Orlando Fl.

Replace Air Filters

By replacing your air filters monthly you can save energy with your air conditioning Orlando Fl. Dirty filters restrict the airflow and will cause the unit to run longer wasting more energy. Follow this step and you will make a difference in your energy usage.

Saving energy with air conditioning Orlando Fl is something that will help as the Holiday season approaches. If you follow these five easy tips you will be able to save energy in your home, and keep your home just as cool as if the AC was on 24/7. At 4 Seasons, we have been keeping Florida comfortable since 1953, and continue to do just that. If you have any questions about your AC, contact us today!

Tom Roberts