The Pros and Cons of an Orlando Mini Split AC System


When it comes to Florida, having a workable, durable AC unit is a necessity. If you’re looking for an AC system for a new bedroom or home office, an Orlando mini split AC unit could be the unit for you.

The mini split is a ductless cooling system. The mini split is a duct-free unit that can be installed anywhere in your home without having to be hooked up to your house’s air ducts.

Mini splits excel at providing cooling in situations like when you don’t want to run a large unit in a small room or when there isn’t room in the attic for air ducts.

Here are some pros and cons of an Orlando mini split AC unit.

Pro: Energy Efficient

A mini split system can be energy efficient. Many ductless systems have different ranges of speed, which can not only increase comfort but also energy efficiency. Newer mini split systems are also quieter, while at the same time providing excellent comfort.  

Con: Cost of Installation Can Vary

Even though many newer models can be energy efficient, a major issue with mini splits is that the cost of installation can vary from home to home and may be higher than a traditional ducted AC system.

Pro: Easy to Maintain

Like most ductless units, a mini split can be easy to maintain. You have a washable air filter that is easy to access, as well as your normal annual maintenance and checkup. We can provide annual maintenance and checkups just like a standard AC.

Con: The Look

The mini split, despite many of its pros, has one fatal flaw; The way that it looks. Some people don’t like how bulky the indoor portion of the unit can look. The unit is much larger than the normal ducted unit with a grill.

We can help you with installation and maintenance

If you’ve decided on an Orlando mini split AC unit, we recommend using a professional for installation of a ductless system. Not only is it safer, but also most manufacturers require the system to be started and routinely checked by a licensed professional or else the warranty will be voided.

If you’re thinking about purchasing a mini split system, we can help. Give us a call.

Tom Roberts