Things to Know Before Calling A Thornton Park AC Installer


With the Florida sunshine beating down this summer, having a working AC unit is absolutely necessary. But before having a Thornton Park AC installer come, there are a handful of things you should know.

First off, before having a Thornton Park AC installer come, make sure you have all the information needed to make an informed decision on which equipment and accessories to choose for your home that can match your needs. Secondly, there will be a price difference in what type of unit you will get depending on if you have a newer or older home. Houses that are newer can easily have the new equipment connected to the ducts already in place.

Ductwork is an important component installed with a new system. Older homes may not have ducts or they cannot be connected, causing a new installation of air ducts. Putting a new system in a home that has not had central air and heat before will require the installation of ductwork, insulation, refrigerant piping, electrical service, wiring, thermostat, condensate piping, flue piping, flue terminations, chimney liner, slabs, filter, driers, registers, grills, drain pans and evaporator coil.


This can all seem a little overwhelming, but with our expertise, we can survey your home to find out exactly what type of system can fit your needs.

Some other tips on what you should know beforehand include: what the essence of the project is, which type of heating system you are currently using, the age and size of your home, cubic feet of living space, number of rooms, number and size of windows, location of your home, the type of heating system you are currently using and if your circuit breaker can handle added electricity. Knowing the answers to all of these questions can give you the clear path to finding which type of AC unit is best for your home.

Of course, at any point in installing your Thornton Park AC installer our air conditioning expert can give you all of the detailed information you need, helping you every step of the way. 4 Seasons can help you breathe easy by providing the most cost effective and efficient air conditioning installation.

Tom Roberts