Tips To Know Whether You Need Winter Park AC Help


Are you in need of a Winter Park AC help? Here’s what to look for in your AC unit.

A Winter Park air conditioner can be costly and understanding when you should repair your unit will benefit you in the long run. Plus it will reduce any future damage costs. Because a repair is not always necessary before you call your local AC professional look for these red flags.

Noise Coming Out Of Your AC

If your air conditioning unit is making noise but there is no air coming out consider that a big red flag. Noises can hint to many issues wrong with your AC unit, from damaged ducts to a broken wire, a noise without AC coming out is a sign to look out for.

Warm Temperatures

You are probably in need of a Winter Park air conditioner if it is too warm in your home. When your thermostat is set at a reasonable temperature but nothing but heat comes out of your unit, there is a problem with your AC.

Smell Coming Out From AC

If there is a smell coming from your air conditioning unit you are probably in need of a repair. When there is an unusual odor coming from your unit, it mostly indicates that there is dirt, mold, or mildew inside. Then you need Winter Park AC help.

You need your unit to be repaired immediately because your air could become contaminated. Avoid health issues for you and your loved ones by calling 4 Seasons Air ASAP.

Water Leak

A water leak around the unit will most likely indicate you needing a Winter Park air conditioner repairmen. A small amount of water is okay, but when it becomes excessive, it is a problem. The excess water could create damage within your AC and destroy your unit or generate electrical problems.

Short Cycle

It is normal for your unit to turn on and off on cycles to maintain the set temperature but if it starts to happen more frequently there is a problem. If the temperature inside is beginning to not regulate correctly, there is a problem occurring with your unit.

At 4 Seasons Air, we strive to make your home as comfortable as possible. Call us if you need Winter Park AC help.

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Tom Roberts