Two Ways To Make Your Air Ducts Repair Orlando FL


If your air ducts repair Orlando FL are in need of fixing look no further. Here are two easy ways you can locate the leak and patch up quickly.

Ducts are passageways used in heating, ventilation, and HVAC to bring in the air and remove air. A properly installed ductwork enhances the efficiency of your AC unit to distribute air to all rooms evenly. When a leak occurs in your air ducts repair Orlando FL, it can have a significant impact on the quality of air inside, by bringing in the polluted air into your home.

Most homeowners are not aware they have a leak and fail to repair quickly. Leaks in the air duct can be one of the top three energy wasters in your home and should be handled as soon as you locate the leak. Although we do recommend a professional to take care of your air ducts repair Orlando FL here are two easy ways you can handle the task on your own.

Locate leak

Your AC has two types of ducts; one side blows air out, and the other sucks air in. Look at your ductwork near the furnace and-and locate two metal boxes. The box connected to the top of the heater usually blows air out, and the box next to the furnace sucks air in. Turn on the HVAC fan and feel the air ducts repair Orlando FL for what feels like air is escaping.

Seal Leak

Shut down the fan and apply a metal foil tape like the one here made to repair ducts. Place over the hole and make sure it is sealed firmly. Do not use regular duct tape for the adhesive will come out over time. With a brush apply dust mastic over the tape to improve the seal.

It’s important to frequently check your air ducts, so you won’t have to make emergency repairs. You will save money on repairs and energy bills when checking before the damage is done.

At four seasons we have a 24/7 hotline if you have emergency questions or need any opinion. Air ducts repair Orlando FL are a significant investment, but they quality of the duct is detrimental to the quality of air in your home. Let us keep your air clean!

Tom Roberts