When You Should Call Your Orlando AC Repair Specialists


You may not be aware, you may not even know there’s an issue, but your air conditioner may need an Orlando ac repair specialist.

Here are 4 ways to know if your unit needs an Orlando AC repair.

Thermostat Concerns

There may be nothing wrong with your actual AC unit, but it’s hard to tell. Your thermostatmay actually be the issue.

One of the few ways to tell if your thermostat is malfunctioning is that one side of your house is cool and the other side is not. But, this could also be an unrelated problem.

Usually, when you run into a problem like that, that’s why you call a professional to come in and diagnose the problem and solve it.

No Cool Air

This is an easy one to spot. You turn on your AC unit and there’s no cool air. This is a sure sign that your unit is not working properly. There are quite a few things that could have malfunctioned to cause no cool air. One is that freon might be too low and another is that your AC compressor may have broken.

Loud Noises

Are you hearing loud noises in your AC unit? This usually is not a good sign. This issue could be because of a belt slip or loose parts. If this continues over a prolonged period of time, then there could be more costly damage.


If your air in your house is too humid than there could be an issue. AC units are supposed to get rid of the humid air in your house. If this is not happening, then there is a problem.

Gold Club Membership

Gold Club Membership at 4 Seasons offers you a lot. If you become a Gold Club Member, you will receive year-round maintenance and checkups. If you ever need emergency Orlando AC repair you get priority service, 15 percent discount on parts, the first pound of refrigerant is free and much more.

If your unit needs an Orlando AC repair specialist, give us a call. We are here to help you with all your air conditioner needs.

Tom Roberts