Why You Should Change Your Mount Dora AC Filter


Some say you should change your air filter once every three months, others say you should change it whenever you pay your electricity bill, but how often is the right time to change your Mount Dora AC filter?

The truth is, changing your air filter is one of the most important steps to take when keeping you and your family’s health in mind and should be done as often as once a month. However, it can be constantly overlooked. Here are some reasons why changing your Mount Dora AC filter should be at the top of your monthly chore list.

Minimize Air Pollutants

The air inside your home is teeming with pollutants that, without a clean air filter, can accumulate and settle in your lungs and compromise your health. Common pollutants include dirt brought in from outside, pet dander, dust mites and dead skin. A clean air filterhas the power to trap all of these pollutants before they become a health hazard to you or your family.

Optimize Air Quality

An AC filter that is clogged with too much dust does a poor job of catching more dust when the air conditioning unit is blowing air. When the air filter does not catch the dust, it ends up settling on all of the surfaces of your home, making your home look and feel dirty much quicker than it would if the dust was being trapped by the filter. Changing your air filter once a month prevents the filter from becoming too clogged and keeps dust off your surfaces and furniture.

Energy Efficiency

Have you been receiving unusually high electricity bills recently? Is your AC unit not running efficiently? Your air filter may hold the answer to why that has been happening. A clogged air filter prevents efficient airflow from happening, making cooling or heating your home slightly more difficult. An AC unit should cycle on and off throughout the day, but with a dirty air filter, these cycles may grow more frequent.

When the air conditioning unit has to work three times as hard to keep a temperature in your home, more energy is used up making your electricity bill higher than it normally would be.

Contact your HVAC professional if you have any specific questions about changing your Mount Dora AC filter today!

Tom Roberts