Your Windermere AC Replacement Checklist


Having a Windermere AC replacement checklist will ensure indoor air quality. Here is a checklist so you know the importance of an AC replacement.

Indoor air quality can be something most people don’t worry too much about because it’s hard to see air pollutants. Contaminants are very difficult to collect and evaluate in indoor air but a Windermere AC replacement will enhance the air quality of your home. 4 Seasons will review your wants and expectations of your new comfort system and the installation. This is the best time for you to address existing comfort issues in your home and let us know of any changes that you would like to make. Today we are sharing a home air quality checklist so you can see the importance of a Windermere AC replacement to eliminate air pollutants.

Are there small children in the house or elderly people?

Young children and older adults who may be exposed to indoor air pollutants for long periods of time. They are easily affected by problems caused by poor air quality.

Do you or any member of your family have allergies or respiratory difficulties?

These are just some of the symptoms that can be associated with poor indoor air quality.

Do you feel differently when you are indoors from when you are outdoors?

One way to determine whether or not your symptoms are directly related to indoor air quality is to try to isolate when you experience those symptoms. If your eyes and throat are irritated when you are at home but it stops when you are outside the air in your home may play a role in your symptoms.

Does your home have new carpet?

Everyday household items you may think are harmless can be the ones that bring contaminants into the air. New carpet can be a source of this.

Do you have pets in your home?

Your family pet can be what contributes to poor air quality. Pet dander, when they relieve themselves in the home, and even their saliva can contribute to contaminants in your home.

Does anyone in your family smoke in the home?

Tobacco smoke is an indoor pollutant. Over 40 of the compounds found in smoke are known to cause cancer and many other infections in the body.

At what temperature do you keep the home? Does it feel humid sometimes?

High temperature and improper humidity levels can increase concentrations of indoor air pollutants. Having a Windermere AC replacement will check for humidity levels in your home to decrease.

Hiring a 4 Seasons Air repairman to provide a Windermere AC replacement will ensure indoor quality air.

With the Florida sunshine beating down this summer, having a working AC unit is absolutely necessary. But before having our 4 Seasons AC installer come, there are a handful of things you should know.

Tom Roberts