Your Winter Park Air Conditioner Questions Answered


What you don’t know about your Winter Park air conditioner can cost you. Here are four answers you need to know.

Are there any significant differences between compressors?

A compressor works really hard to keep your home comfortable. It is the single most important component of your Winter Park air conditioner. Many manufacturers buy their compressors from outside suppliers so there are differences between them. Since this can be expensive to replace it, it’s important to select one that is reliable and backed by a good warranty.

Which is best? A copper/aluminum coil or an aluminum/aluminum spine fin coil?

Coils referred to as “copper coils” are combination metal coils with copper tubing and aluminum fins. Residential homeowners may have problems with this combination. When salt and/ or pollutants are in the air, a chemical reaction takes place. This will cause corrosion whenever they touch. This corrosion hurts the performance of your Winter Park air conditioner and its efficiency.

On the other hand, spine fin coils feature aluminum alloy tubing and fins and therefore there is no corrosion caused by the different metals. Spine fin coils also have up to 70% fewer brazed joints when compared to the plate type coils.

What size unit should I have?

We can’t precisely answer this question without inspecting your home so we will answer this in theory. Determining the right size unit involves using a complex formula which takes into account different elements. Too often an inexperienced or poorly trained mechanic may suggest a much larger unit than necessary. The results of this large unit can be more serious than you realize. These issues include:

  • The unit cycles too often meaning that it will not cool the room and diminish humidity properly.

  • The unit will not likely reach its maximum efficiency rating.

What is SEER and why is it important?

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (or SEER) is the measure of how efficiently your Winter Park air conditioner unit converts a given amount of electrical power into cooling over an entire summer season. With high utility bills, it’s very important to choose a unit with a SEER.

It’s important to always ask questions when it comes to your home, especially your Winter Park air conditioner. These four questions have been asked by homeowners and we think they are vital for your AC unit.

Ask our 4 Seasons Technician any questions you have when scheduling an appointment with us!

Tom Roberts