Orlando Air Condition Service: Tips and Tricks

Concerned about how your AC unit will run during the summer months? Then have no fear, 4 Seasons Air Conditioning and Heating is here for you. We are your Orlando air condition service, which is why we put together these tips and tricks for you.



Updating your thermostat can save you money in the long run. New, smart thermostats can give you the option of setting your AC unit to whatever temperature you want from wherever you are. Forgot to turn the AC up while you’re away from home? No problem. You can set it on your phone.

You can also consider setting your thermostat on a timer. This will save you time, and will help save you money as the temperature of your house will always be consistent.

Routine Checkups

The most important trick (which is more of a tip) is to make sure that you get your AC unit serviced routinely. Getting your AC unit checked by a professional HVAC tech is a way to prevent any significant issues to ensue.

Prevention is key to preservation. What is it that you are preserving? Well, your AC unit and by extension, your finances and comfort. If you get your system checked twice a year, you’ll be keeping your expenses down, and your AC will keep your home cool all year round.

Gold Club Membership

You can sign up for our Gold Club Membership to help you save money. With a gold club membership, you get priority service, save 15 percent on labor and parts and not to mention your first pound of refrigerant is free.

With a Gold Club Membership at 4 Seasons, you’ll also get scheduled checkups!

We hope these service tips and tricks were useful for you and had helped you become a little less concerned about your AC unit during the summer months. If you’d like a professional Orlando air condition service to check on your system, look no further than 4 Seasons. Give us a call today!