Repair Or Replace? What are some of the types of issues where you’ll usually be better off just replacing the whole HVAC unit/system?

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A house’s HVAC system is usually very important especially when the season has just changed and the environment has become hot and humid. When the temperature climbs, it is the house’s air conditioning unit that helps to cool things down for the occupants. The air conditioner installed in a house needs regular maintenance and servicing for it to remain in perfect working condition and last long. However, there are some telltale signs that should be able to alert you that your air conditioning unit probably needs to be replaced rather than be repaired.

There are times you will notice that your air conditioning unit doesn’t cool the house or run efficiently as it used to in the past. Just like many other electrical appliances you have in your home, the air conditioner you have may not last forever. The bottom line, however, is performing regular maintenance on the unit for it to work for you for many years.

That said, even an air conditioning unit that is well-maintained but has served for many years will finally start to experience a number of mechanical hitches. Here below, we have compiled for you a list of the five signs that should show you when it is time to finally replace your air conditioner. It is important that if you notice one or more of these signs, call a professional who will help you uninstall the device and have a new unit installed in your home.

1.     The unit doesn’t bring in as much air like it used to before

If you notice your system not bringing in cool air flow into the house when in operation like it used to when it was installed, you’d better think about replacing it. This could be a sign that the air conditioner’s compressor is breaking down.  Another thing that should tell you that the unit has started developing mechanical issues is when the thermostat has been set to an optimal temperature yet the house still feels warmer. If you check the filters and find that they are just in good condition then the unit isn’t functioning properly, that could also be enough reason for you to consider replacing the unit with a new unit.

2.     When the unit is blowing in cold of hot air that is against the temperature settings

Usually, the most common problem reported in ageing air conditioning units it’s inability to properly heat or cool the house. The system may still work by producing regular air levels but unfortunately, that air won’t be coming out hot or cold with regards to the setting of the unit. One of the sure signs will be that when you set the unit to cool air setting, then it brings in hot air instead.

When you realize temperatures that suddenly become inconsistent in your house, know that your unit may need proper servicing from experts or even a total replacement.  While replacement of the system may seem costly for you, it could be the best solution that will save you lots of headache and even power bills.

3.     When the unit is producing unfamiliar sounds or smells

A good HVAC system is one that operates almost silently and doesn’t produce any funny smells. In any case, if you know your unit too well, you will be familiar with the small sounds it produces when operation. If you notice an unfamiliar kind of sound coming from the unit when in operation just out of nowhere, then it is advisable to call in an expert to check it for you.

Some of the more common noise from air conditioning units that should make you be alarmed include; screeching, grating, grinding, ticking or buzzing. These are some kinds of noise that may signal you that it is time for you to actually start budgeting for a totally new air conditioning unit.

Odor is also another telltale sign that may signal you that your unit is having issues and may need repair, services or replacement. If you suddenly notice your unite producing smells that are pungent, it is a good sign that the unit is experiencing internal mechanical problems. It could be the system’s insulation that may have gotten damaged and thus the smell. Even when the ductwork has become moldy, the system can typically produce an unusual pungent smell. When mold, dirt or mildew clogs the internal areas of the unit and the unit is left un-serviced, this could be a major health hazard for the occupants of the house. In most instances when bad smell oozes from an air conditioning unit, it could be that the filters are blocked or clogged and these can simply just be replaced. However, in the event that even after replacing the filters and the smell persist consider replacing the whole unit as soon as you possibly can.

4.     When the unit is leaking and producing excess moisture

When there is just a small amount of condensed water dripping outside of the unit, then there should be no cause of alarm for you. However, if you suddenly notice huge amounts of leakage from the unit whether it is in operation or not then you need to call in an expert to come and perform thorough checks. It will be up to the qualified technician to advise you whether replacing the system or having the leakage repaired will be best cause of action to take.

5.     When your energy bills have suddenly shot up

Your air conditioning unit may just be functioning perfectly well from the outside while in fact things may be wrong inside. One of the telltale signs is a sudden surge in your power bills. If you happen to notice this, it is advisable to call an experienced HVAC technician to perform what is referred to as the ‘energy audit’ to ascertain if it is the system that is causing the surge in power bills or not. If indeed it is established that the HVAC system is behind the increased power bills, then consider replacing it.

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