Are Trane Air Conditioners a Good Investment?

In the market for a new AC? Among the first things many customers consider is the brand. You might be wondering which brand is the best, and we wish we could give you a straightforward answer to make your decision much easier. But the truth is—there is no standard solution when it comes to installing a new air conditioner

While some AC companies in Orlando may push a certain brand, at 4 Seasons Air Conditioning & Heating we don’t pressure our customers to choose a particular manufacturer. Instead, we will discuss your specific cooling needs and provide you with options that meet those needs. We also encourage customers to explore and do their own research so they can make the best decision for their property. 

To help you with your selection, we’ve decided to feature some of the AC brands we often recommend to customers. This week’s spotlight is on Trane residential air conditioners. 

High-Efficiency Without the Noise

Trane products are designed to perform at a high efficiency. All units have passed rigorous tests in extreme weather conditions and temperatures, producing some of the most durable AC units in the market. 

All air conditioners on Trane’s residential line feature SEER ratings of 14.5 and higher (the minimum SEER requirement in Florida is 14). 

Most units are also ENERGY STAR® certified, which means you’re getting an environmentally friendly product that will help you save on energy and electricity costs. 

Looking for the Best Value?

trane air conditioning orlando.jpg

AC replacement requires a significant investment. You want to make sure the unit you choose will serve you well for years to come. 

For those on a budget, Trane has an entry-level option that just might meet your needs. Their XR14 line of air conditioners provides efficient cooling while minimizing the risk for problems and the need for frequent AC repair. Orlando homeowners will appreciate the 16 SEER rating, which qualifies for additional tax credits and has the potential to help you cut your energy costs in half. 

Prefer More Efficient Cooling & Temperature Control? 

If you are looking for an AC that delivers top-of-the-line efficiency, consider the XV18 TruComfort™ or XV20i TruComfort™ Variable Speed units.

Variable speed air conditioners are able to adjust their settings and run at speeds that complement the temperature outside. If it happens to be hotter than usual, a variable speed AC’s compressor and blower will work quickly to cool your home at a faster rate. When the weather is a bit milder during the winter, the AC will cool your home at a slower pace and run for longer; this cuts down on frequent on/off cycling and helps lower your energy costs.

Both the XV18 and XV20i are rated Most Efficient by ENERGY STAR®. They also operate at 55 decibels—equal to the sounds of soft conversation or an electric toothbrush. (By comparison, the average air conditioner on the market runs at 70 decibels—which is like running a vacuum cleaner!)

AC Replacement Services in Orlando

Looking for reliable AC companies in Orlando to handle your new installation? Working with a trusted HVAC contractor is equally as important as choosing the right type of AC. 

An air conditioner that is professionally and properly installed enjoys a longer operational life, keeps energy costs low for you, and helps you avoid premature breakdowns and emergency AC repair.

At 4 Seasons Air Conditioning & Heating we are proud to be authorized Trane dealers. Our HVAC experts are ready to help you navigate your options and select the perfect Trane AC unit that meets your budget and comfort needs. 

Enjoy whole-home comfort and peace of mind with a professionally installed AC unit from 4 Seasons Air Conditioning & Heating. Contact us today at 407-295-9231 to schedule an estimate with our Trane AC specialists in Orlando and surrounding areas in Central Florida.