Myth Or Fact: Does Getting Your Vents Cleaned Regularly Help How Your AC Performs?

Does Getting Your Vents Cleaned Regularly Help How Your AC Performs?

You dust the house, so it's only natural you should dust out those air conditioning vents, right? 

Think again. 

Contrary to what many air conditioning and heating companies might say, cleaning your vents too often might not be the best idea. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't clean them at all. 

Cleaning the ducts does have its benefits, and there are times when a good cleaning is advantageous. So when should you seek AC-vents help to get those vents cleaned out? 

We'll give you all the details here. 

Is Regular Cleaning Ideal for Health? 

Most people assume cleaning out the air ducts improves health. Although studies are in their infancy, research indicates this process is oftentimes not beneficial to a homeowner's health. 

In fact, cleaning air ducts might be detrimental. 

The dust and grime that make their way through the vents settle on the walls inside the ducts. Once it does, most of it is there for good, meaning it doesn't greatly affect indoor air quality and breathing. 

However, cleaning disturbs the dirt, reducing air quality and encouraging consequential health ailments. 

When Is Cleaning Beneficial for Health? 

In some circumstances, regular cleaning is advised for health purposes

For individuals who suffer from serious health concerns, such as allergies or asthma, improving air quality is ideal. To do this, families should consult physicians to determine the best route and clean ducts to keep them free of built-up grime. 

In addition, if you have a mold issue that extended to the ducts, consider hiring professionals to clean them. They will identify the source of the moisture and remove any harmful mold. 

Does Regular Cleaning Increase Efficiency? 

Another myth customers regularly hear is that cleaning increases efficiency. 

The cleaning process itself has little effect on the efficiency of your HVAC system. As long as there is a healthy airflow, the ducts cause few problems that affect the system's integrity. 

Of course, that's not all there is to the story. 

When Does Cleaning Affect Efficiency?  

Dirty coils, fans, motors, and other parts do affect how your AC performs. 

As dust collects on these parts, the system works harder to cool your house. Keeping these clean extends your AC's life. This is why it's a good idea to conduct routine cleaning of the vents. 

In addition, regular cleaning allows professionals to find any issues that might result in bigger problems down the road. 

Other Times to Consider Cleaning

So when should you clean your ducts, aside from if there are health issues or extreme buildup on parts? 

Consider cleaning your air ducts if you have issues with any of the following and you suspect they have found their way into the vents: 

  • Rodents

  • Bugs

  • Unwanted odors

  • Recent debris and dirt from renovations

  • Blockages

See your HVAC system's manual to determine when routine cleanings are recommended, and always save papers so you know the last time your ducts were cleaned. 

Get AC-Vents Help You Can Trust

You've probably heard both extremes of this story: either regular cleaning is essential or it's hardly ever necessary. However, the truth lies somewhere in the middle. 

That's why it's important to get AC-vents help from a company you can trust. In our blog, we answer some of the most common questions our clients have about HVAC systems, like how you can save money during those hot summer months.

Want to cut that bill? Learn how with these three easy tips, and keep those ducts clean, flowing and happy.