7 Steps to Prepare Your AC for Summer

Did you know the average monthly electric bill in Florida is about $123 a month? This is the 14th highest in the country. 

With summer around the corner, many homeowners want to get their AC units ready, so they can stay cool and not have to overpay on electric bills. 

Read on for 7 expert home air conditioner maintenance tips from the professionals. 

1. Get New Filters

Although changing the filters is something that should get done throughout the duration of summer, not everyone does this. What a better way to start getting your AC unit ready for summer than by putting on new filters. 

Adding new filters is the easiest and cheapest form of maintenance you can perform on your unit. 

2. Ensure You Inspect the Condensation Lines

In order for your AC unit to work like it's supposed to, the condensation lines carry condensation away from your unit. Unfortunately, these lines sometimes get clogged and the condensation can't pass like it's supposed to. 

When this happens, the condensation could back up into your unit or your house. Unless you want to have an expensive repair bill on your hands, you should make sure the condensation drains properly.

3. The Coils Need Some Cleaning

After the winter season, the coils on your AC unit probably collected dust, mud, leaves, and debris. If you don't clean it off your AC unit, it might cause your unit to work a little harder than it has to. 

4. Inspect the Fins

Having nice looking fins will help your unit perform like it's supposed to this summer. If you notice the fins don't look straight, there are tools to straighten them out.

Also, you can use a toothbrush or soft brush to clean them if they look dirty.

5. Clean Any Debris from the Outside

After your unit sits dormant all winter, it's bound to collect leaves, bugs, debris, and grass. Some plants might even grow around your unit, so it's important you cut and remove them. 

Excess debris will prevent your unit from working like it's supposed to. Ensure you also maintain your unit throughout the summer. 

6. Ensure the Ductwork is Leak-Free

If there are any leaks to the ductwork, your energy bills might be higher. It's easy to seal the leaks to the ductwork. 

You might be able to repair it by using special tape or asking a professional to do it during routine maintenance work. 

7. Get a New Thermostat

If you higher than usual energy bills due to your AC unit, your thermostat could have been the issue. 

You can solve this issue by getting a programmable thermostat. With a programmable thermostat, you can ensure your unit is not doing the work when you're not home. These are easy to install and affordable. 

Get Your Home Air Conditioner Maintenance Summer Ready

Now that you know how to get your home air conditioner maintenance summer ready, it's time you get to work. 

Start by replacing the filter, get a new thermostat, inspect the ductwork, and clean the unit from debris. 

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