Is Lennox the Best Air Conditioner Brand?

When it’s time to purchase a new AC unit, one of the first questions customers ask is: which brand should I choose? What is the best AC brand?

The answer depends on your particular needs. There is no standard, one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to new air conditioner installation

Some AC companies in Orlando may push you towards installing a certain brand, but we advise customers to conduct their own research as well. 

To help you along with your decision, we’re highlighting some of the AC brands we trust and recommend. This week we’ll take a look at Lennox residential air conditioners.

High efficiency and quiet operation come standard in all Lennox units. Their current line-up of cooling systems boast SEER ratings between 13 and 26 (the higher the rating, the more efficient the system). 

While Lennox systems are powerful, they don’t show it off with loud operating noises. Built with SilentComfort™ technology, they’re able to run much more quietly than other brands. Customers who choose Lennox remark how they don’t even notice when the unit turns on--making it a perfect choice for families with infants or light sleepers!

On a Budget?

Lennox’s tiered product offerings allow homeowners greater flexibility in choosing a system within their budget. 

Looking for an entry-level system that gets the job done while minimizing the need for constant air conditioning repair? Orlando residents on a budget may want to consider the Merit Series. This series features efficient and reliable units with SEER ratings between 13 and 16; many are also ENERGY STAR® certified.

The Merit Series may not boast solar capabilities or advanced energy features, but they are ideal for those who are looking for a well-built air conditioner at a reasonable price. 

Looking for More Accurate Cooling?

What’s interesting about Lennox is their option of two-stage systems. 

A two-stage air conditioner is able to distinguish between cooler and hotter days and switch their speed according to the current temperature. This Precise Comfort® technology stabilizes the climate in your home (no fluctuating temperatures) so you enjoy perfect indoor comfort year-round--a great way to make our hot Orlando summers much more bearable!

Lennox currently has six models featuring two-stage or variable-stage technology in their Merit, Elite, and Dave Lennox Signature Collection Series. 

Is Green Technology a Priority for You?

Orlando is recognized as one of the greenest cities in America. That’s good news for residents who are looking to be more deliberate in their energy use. Lennox makes it easy to go green with their SunSource® Home Energy System. This set-up allows you to power your air conditioner through solar energy.

The process is simple. Choose a Lennox solar-ready AC system that seamlessly integrates with your solar roof panels, install it with the help of a licensed professional, and you’re good to go. There is no further change or upgrade needed to your existing HVAC system.

The benefit? Solar-ready air conditioners can help you enjoy a potential 50% decrease in your heating and cooling costs. All of the units in the Dave Lennox Signature Collection are solar compatible.

Installing Your New Air Conditioner

Are you currently searching for AC companies in Orlando to replace your old unit? Choosing a reputable HVAC installer is just as important as choosing the right air conditioner brand. A professionally installed unit ensures the health, efficiency, and longevity of your cooling system while helping you avoid emergency AC repair.

4 Seasons Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc. is proud to be a Lennox Preferred Contractor. Our expert staff will help you choose the right Lennox product to meet your specific budget and indoor comfort needs for long-term peace of mind.

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